By Linda Clyde, Contributor

Your Faith Can Make a Difference

Does sharing faith on social media seem scary? When you think about sharing your faith, do certain “friends” flash before your mind’s eye that you think might mock or try to disprove your beliefs? It could happen, but if you’re worried about that, you might miss the fact that your faith has the potential to lift all within your sphere of influence. There may be one, or a hundred people out there who need to lean on your faith today. Trust that your faith can make a difference.

Not sure how to share? Sharing faith on social media is easy—and when you know how, it’s far from scary. Here are 3 insights to jump-start your faith sharing.


Hey, I Found Hope—Want Some?

What gives you hope? Flowers in spring? Rainbows? Newborns? Hope is an indicator of faith—that you believe in something—and faith at its best is simple, inspiring and universal—something that carries with it the potential to touch and lift everyone. By sharing hope, you are also sharing your belief that there’s something out there to look forward to and to draw strength from. Everyone needs hope. So, when you find some, please, share it.


Wow—That Filled My Bucket!

What fills your bucket will probably fill mine too. Faith of all kinds lifts and buoys the human spirit. People need to believe in something that inspires them to become more than they thought they could be. When you encounter or experience something that takes your faith from empty to overflowing, sit your bucket out there in cyberspace so our buckets can catch your overflow.


I Believe in You and I Believe in Me Too

Express faith in others. What’s more motivating than knowing someone believes in you? If you know someone who’s about to tackle something challenging, whether it be chemo or a triathlon, let them know you believe in them. Your expressions of faith on social media can be the spark that inspires others to also reach out in support.

Sharing faith in yourself may feel taboo, but sharing with others the fact that you’re setting and accomplishing personal goals is not shameful, especially when you do it with humility. Allow your faith in yourself to inspire and promote faith in others.

Share, Share, Share

A recap: Share what gives you hope. Share your overflow. Share your faith in others.

What would you add to the list? Tell us in the comments!


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