By Maddie Wiley, Contributor

grow faith

The spring months are the perfect time to reflect on the process of renewal and regrowth, and it can be a great opportunity to work on growing your faith and becoming the person you want to be! Whether you started to forget about your faith resolutions you may have made in January or you are just now ready to focus on your faith, here are four ways you can grow your faith like the spring flowers that are growing right now.

1. Grow through service

Serving others is a great way to stretch your faith and to watch miracles occur. Spend some time each day looking for service opportunities, whether they are big or small. Watching the joy of others as they are served can also bring you peace and happiness.

2. Let meditation be the water your faith needs to become strong

Find a quiet place in your world and sit down for a few minutes. Think about all the blessings in your life and ponder what you can do to improve the world around you. By spending some time disconnected from the distractions of technology and media every day, you will be able to see your world more clearly and you can better understand what you need to do to improve.

3. Get outside and enjoy watching spring bloom

The flowers and the trees are reborn each spring, similar to the chance you have to regrow your faith every day. Go on a nearby hike and do some yoga when you reach the summit. Or spend some time in a field filled with fresh flowers. Your faith will grow while you reflect on the beauty and miracles that you see around you.

4. As your faith becomes stronger, share it with others

Your faith can grow as you watch the faith of others grow. Share your feelings on a certain faith topic with a friend and explain how your life has been impacted by believing. The spring season is the perfect opportunity to live your faith and accept the faith of others.

“Your faith will grow not by chance, but by choice.” Neil L. Andersen