The surprising role of faith in finding love


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All right, “surprising” may be an exaggeration, but many relationship experts feel that faith is key to finding love. Faith helps you have confidence that you can find love. It leads you to ideas and people who can help. It’s so important that Kailen Rosenberg writes, “Even if you don’t believe in God, have faith that you will meet the right person.”

So how does faith help?

Faith gives you courage

Finding love may require you to remain vulnerable and to risk being rejected—more than once. But faith reminds you that love is worth it. Faith gives you the courage to move forward.

In a recent news article entitled, “Love, marriage and the single woman stuck writing about it,” Candice Madsen shares that people she talked with stressed how love develops after you make a commitment. So holding back to avoid being hurt may also keep you from the love you hope to find.

Debi Berndt reminds us, “You may not get exactly what you want when you want it, but that doesn’t mean that all your dreams aren’t coming true. You just haven’t lived into that future with your ideal partner yet.”

Faith provides help

Marcia Wieder, author of several books about achieving your dreams, writes, “I trust and believe in myself, but there is something bigger, better and more delicious available and sometimes, my need to be overly independent can compromise that.”

A couple I know dated just twice. Two years later, the woman found herself often thinking about the man. She asked friends for advice, and they recommended that she contact him through social media. The couple began dating again and were soon married. She said, “Having confidence in being guided is key. I knew the promptings throughout the whole experience were not my own feelings. I felt something pushing me.”

Faith helps you grow

Faith can help you find ways to be happy now. Ideas may come to you about interests to develop or wounds to heal. Debi Berndt wrote about her own experience finding love, “Looking back now I can see that every experience during that time exposed a part of me that I needed to heal and by going through those pseudo-relationships I learned to love myself a little more.”

In the meantime, while you look for love, don’t put life or happiness on hold. Have faith that you are loveable and loved even if finding your true love is still somewhere in the future.