Tis the Season for Light

What exactly happens during Hanukkah? We went around New York City and asked the Jewish community why they celebrate Hanukkah and what it means to them. You can learn more about Hanukkah here.

This is Why I Pray

This is Why I Pray

C. S. Lewis once called our world “the kingdom of noise.” Messages flood our world. They inundate us. We’re told daily how to act and feel, what to eat and drink, how to be happy. The messages are often contradictory and can send us into a tailspin of indecision and worry.

But there’s a way to sort through myriad of messages hurled from every direction. The way is prayer—heartfelt, meaningful, tender prayer.

Every day, I’m bombarded by messages. How to think, what to buy, how to dress, what to do. The messages are often convoluted, contradictory, brash. In this labyrinth of ideas, where can I turn for direction? How do I sort it all out? That’s why I pray. Powerful, peaceful, personal. Prayer.

Celebrating the Faith of Mothers: Anna’s Journey

Celebrating the Faith of Mothers: Anna’s Journey

​This weekend as you celebrate Mother’s Day, consider how your mom has helped inspire your faith.

Video created by Kolby Beck, Josh Beck and Devin Loveland
Music by Elijah Bossenbroek

Devin Loveland: The video is based on a story from my family history. The faith my ancestors have had in the past has strengthened my faith, especially this particular story. My faith and resilience are deepened when I remember stories like this. Faith is about hope for the future, and it is strengthened by stories from our past.

The Best Workout for Overall Wellness

The Best Workout for Overall Wellness

We care for our bodies. We walk instead of drive, take the stairs, eat leafy green vegetables, drink imported spring water. But our spirits need just as much nourishment.

Take the health of your spirit to heart. Set bitterness aside. Seek peace. Meditate. Dream. Forgive. Pray.

You take care of your body. Take care for your spirit too.


There’s more to health than physical health—and powerful muscles and a strong heart—because there’s more to being human. Emotional health, interpersonal health, mental health, spiritual health.

Spiritual health means finding peace and harmony in our lives. It means discovering deeper meaning in our existence. It means to have a sense of right and wrong and to act accordingly, to believe, to practice forgiveness and compassion, to care.

You take care of your body. Take care of your spirit too.