You can probably remember seeing her picture on the news—a girl with blonde hair and a shy smile, sitting next to her harp. Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her home on June 5, 2002. She was fourteen at the time.

The word of her abduction spread to national news outlets. What started out as an anxious search for one missing girl in Utah, turned into a nationwide effort by thousands to bring her home.

Miraculously, Elizabeth was found nine months later. The details of her captivity emerged, revealing an experience that no one of any age should have to endure. In spite of these troubling circumstances, Elizabeth has amazed the world with her determination to live a full, happy life.

As an abduction survivor, she has turned her efforts to raising awareness of victimization on a global scale. She hopes that no child will ever have to experience the crimes she endured.

How did Elizabeth get through those long nine months of pain and suffering? What kept her from giving up and losing all hope of being found? How has she risen from that dark part of her life with such grace and optimism? She attributes it all to her faith.

“In my own life and in the countless other lives of survivors that I have spoken with, It has been the power of faith that has allowed us to not only persevere, but to find true peace and happiness.”

Elizabeth’s faith healed her deep wounds, set her free from her haunting past, and opened the doors to a brighter future. How has faith healed your heart and the hearts of those around you?

Elizabeth Smart Explains the Crucial Detail that Helped Her Escape