By Nicole Priest, Contributor
Dark Alley -Taken in Stockholm, Sweden (March 2014) (Nicole Priest, Nicole Priest Photography)

Dark Alley – Taken in Stockholm, Sweden (Nicole Priest Photography, March 2014)

In the midst of a trial, when the darkness seems utterly impossible to sift through, the simple teaching of the Savior in Matthew 17, “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed…” rings quietly in your head, followed by the rhetorical question, “How can I have faith when all I see is despair?” In a world that seeks instant gratification, taking time to sift through the unsettling circumstances and storms of life may require personal cheerleaders and inspiration for us to hope that things can get better. It can become incredibly easy to look at the path ahead and feed yourself a mountain of excuses as to why you may not be capable of walking into the unknown.

Nicole Priest Photography-Untampered and Untraveled

Untampered and Untraveled – Taken in Seealpsee Lake, Switzerland (Nicole Priest Photography, September 2014)

It’s human nature to attempt most things on your own. When the recognition that you cannot do it alone settles in, you are faced with two choices; “Do I believe in a higher being?” or, “Do I believe I have the power to continue on my own?” Although setting aside your pride to ask for help can be difficult, it is a necessary step in any growth process. Asking for help does not mean you are weak, it means you are willing to submit. How can you develop a sense of hope when the weight of trials blinds any semblance of light?

Shattered Hopes -Taken in Downtown Los Angeles, California (January 2015)

Shattered Hopes – Taken in Downtown Los Angeles, California (Nicole Priest Photography, January 2015)

Ask in prayer. When the mere thought of belief is daunting, acknowledge your limitations just as the father seeking a blessing for his young son cries out in Mark 9:24, “Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.” To have faith, you must have a belief in the things that are unseen. To believe in the unknown, you must learn to develop a hope that things will get better. Fostering a small desire to overcome and work through trials is enough to conquer despair. It is not that our trials get any easier throughout life, it is that our ability to work through them hand in hand with faith brings a sense of comfort and peace.

Mustard Seed - Taken in Cottonwood Canyon, Utah (August 2013)

Mustard Seed – Taken in Cottonwood Canyon, Utah (Nicole Priest Photography, August 2013)

It is true that other people may not know or understand the trials you face throughout life. There is someone who does know: Jesus Christ. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus Christ felt every single emotion, pain, and stress you will ever think or feel. He knows you by name and knows of your needs. He knows how to comfort each of us specifically, and He is ready and willing to hold your hand through each trial. What does He ask in return? Have faith, even as a mustard seed, that He can and will help you through your trials.

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