By Anna Delamerced, contributor

These past few days in my hometown have been particularly rainy.

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Looking out my bedroom window, I pulled the covers over my head and sighed.

There was no sun in sight.

It’s as if a woolen blanket of gray has cloaked the sycamore trees and rose bushes.

I wondered if the beautiful weather had decided to take a break. I wondered if the rain would ever pass.

I wondered, Where is the sun?

This got me thinking how a lot of times we feel like the sun isn’t there, especially during thunderstorms, hailstorms and windstorms. We think the sun has stopped shining, stopped emitting its golden rays of light, stopped being there for us.

But in reality, the sun is always there. It hasn’t vanished.

When those foggy and cloudy days descend, we may also feel like God isn’t there. I’ve asked this question multiple times: Where are you, God?

Yet God is patient with us. He wants us to know that He is for us and not against us. He’s with us.

When you feel like God isn’t there, Jesus understands. One afternoon in the midst of spring in Israel, as He hung on a wooden cross, arms stretched out with nails pummeled into his palms, a crown of thorns piercing into his forehead, Jesus died the death we should have died. He suffered tremendous separation from God. He was forsaken by his own friends and family.

But Jesus had the incredible courage to keep going and pursue Heavenly Father’s will and see through it to the very end.

That’s what faith is. Believing, even when it’s difficult to believe.

In our darkest moments, those moments when we don’t see the sun, let us hold on to our faith. Let us see with our hearts. Let us fix our eyes, not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. The rainy days, the stormy skies — all of that will pass.

For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

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