By Maddie Wiley, Contributor

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The year is almost over and the holidays are fast approaching. Find some time this month to do some service, big or small, and make a difference in someone’s life. Whether it’s service for a family member, a military member or a random person—you have the opportunity to do some good and create a good example of service.

Let us know what service you see and do by tagging #FaithServes in posts and pictures! We hope to inspire everyone to serve this month and your posts will help.

#FaithServes is a social media event to inspire people to serve their friends, families and communities. Pick service ideas from the following list to complete throughout the month of November and you can also follow @MyFaithCounts on Twitter for daily service reminders!

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” –Ghandi

Service Ideas

  1. Write letters to military members
  2. Leave an extra big tip for a waiter
  3. Tell a family member how much you love them
  4. Cut and donate your hair
  5. Feed the homeless
  6. Smile at a stranger
  7. Encourage someone at the gym
  8. Donate to your favorite charity
  9. Bring treats to work
  10. Say something nice when others are gossiping
  11. Pay for someone’s expired parking meter
  12. Donate clothing that you no longer wear
  13. Make an extra pie to giveaway to friends or neighbors
  14. Call your grandparents
  15. Take a friend out to lunch
  16. Send a thank you letter to policemen
  17. Donate blankets to the homeless
  18. Play board games at a nursing home
  19. Say thank you to a janitor
  20. Read books to children at the library
  21. Hold the door for someone
  22. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  23. Knit scarves or hats for the homeless
  24. Donate old stuffed animals to a fire station
  25. Support a military family by helping with their yard work
  26. Make fall themed centerpieces for nursing homes or hospitals
  27. Participate in a charity run/walk
  28. Bring hot chocolate out to garbage truck workers
  29. Help someone move
  30. Leave extra tennis balls out at the dog park
  31. Lend an ear to a friend

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