Watch these 15 children share powerful descriptions of faith. What does faith mean to you?

Video courtesy of Jim Hamilton, (submitted as an entry for the 2015 Film Your Faith Video Contest).

Faith is more than just believing, it’s knowing.
While many of us are strong in our faith, others struggle.

[Posters of children holding signs of what faith means to them]
Faith is knowing the sun will come out.
Faith is like a seed, if it is planted it will grow.
Faith is loving one another.
Faith is … putting your trust in someone or something.
Faith is knowing everyone is not perfect.
Faith is knowing that someday I will see my grandpa in heaven.
Faith is having no fear.
Faith is knowing God loves me.
Faith is knowing Heavenly Father looks after us!
Faith is listening.
Faith is God.
Faith is patience.
Faith is knowing miracles happen.
Faith is … awesome!!
Faith is knowing i can be forgiven.
Faith is knowing God lives!

What if everyone had a little more patience?
What if everyone would just listen a little bit more?
How much better would this world be?
Faith lives. Faith loves. Faith grows. Faith counts.