It’s one thing to have faith when the outlook is good, but what about times when the outcome is uncertain or even unlikely? Watch the incredible story of Chanel White, who has faith not to be healed, but to have the emotional and spiritual strength to endure whatever comes her way.


I was a very organized individual—nothing, nothing was ever out of line in my life.

I was diagnosed with scleroderma shortly after high school. You know like when you go in from being a total healthy person and like something is just kind of amiss—you know—maybe like one thing going on, but he was just kind of like, “you’ve got scleroderma, and lupus and polymyositis,” and all of these things that I never heard of.

And I at the time didn’t really understand or even care to grasp what was going on. Because I was like, “ok, like I’m sick.” You know? “I’ll get better. It’s fine.” Now I just kind of have to take it day by day.

And I was the kind of person that was like I planned out years. And that’s just not possible. Because at this point you don’t even know if you’re going to get years. You know?

So I mean it takes quite an army to get me up, to get me moving. [laughs] Of course I don’t take all of these at once—but they’re spread out throughout the day.

Noel is more than I could have ever asked for. He is the calm in this incredible storm for me.

I get a lot of people telling me you know, “you just need to call on the healing powers of Christ.” “You just need to pray. And everyone is promised healing blessings.”

You know physical healing just didn’t come for me. But what I did receive was something else. I received emotional strength and spiritual healing.

I would literally, I would sit there and pray to God and just tell him, “I can’t handle this right now. I cannot, I cannot emotionally handle my life.” And I would get this overwhelming feeling of peace. It was literally like a wave would just come over me. And immediately that worry would just leave my mind.

There is no pill that can do that. There is no aromatherapy, there is no essential oil, there’s no food, there’s no diet. I know for a hundred percent fact that that was the Holy Spirit testifying to me that I will be ok. I may not be ok physically, but emotionally and spiritually He is there and He is with me at all times.