It takes about two seconds to get onto the Internet, that’s if the Wi-Fi isn’t slow. But back in the day you had to wait and listen to the most bizarre sound ever as it dialed up. For those of us who are 90’s kids and were young when this was common, the dial-up sound became a kind of song we would sing along with.

*dial tone*

*sound of buttons being pressed*

*high pitch sound*

*low pitch sound*

*in-between pitch sound*


And then, 30 seconds later, you successfully arrived to the Internet and it was the greatest thing ever.

Isn’t it funny how 20+ years later we get super frustrated when a website doesn’t come up after a few seconds? We suddenly get insta-rage and feel like throwing our laptop or smartphone across the room.

It’s like we have zero tolerance for waiting. Learning how to wait patiently is a lost art these days. We need to remember how it was worth the dial up to reach the wealth of knowledge and instruction from this new thing called “The Internet.”

Well, the Internet isn’t the only thing worth waiting for.

Although faith doesn’t always come easy at first, there’s a feeling of joy and relief when you finally reach that “landing page” filled with the understanding and peace you wanted. If you just hang in there, like you did all those years ago sitting in front of that large, square monitor, you can access the help you are seeking.

So dial up your faith. It’ll be worth it. (Oh, and don’t forget to sing along as you wait!)

Faith is worth the dial up