By Maddie Wiley, Contributor

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The year is coming to an end and the holiday season is here! Take some time between present shopping and dinner making to do some service. As you hurry to get everything on your to-do list done, look around for someone who might need a helping hand or words of encouragement. Whether it’s big or small, every act of service counts this holiday season.

Let us know what service you see and do by tagging #FaithServes in posts and pictures! We hope to inspire everyone to serve this holiday season and your posts will help.

#FaithServes is a social media event to inspire people to serve their friends, families and communities. Pick service ideas from the following list to complete throughout the month of November and you can also follow @MyFaithCounts on Twitter for daily service reminders!

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” –Ghandi

Service Ideas

  1. Put wreaths up in a cemetery
  2. Help someone carry their groceries
  3. Donate cans to a food pantry
  4. Hold a door and tell someone to have a nice day
  5. Bring treats to a neighbor you haven’t met yet
  6. Sit with someone who is eating alone
  7. Email your boss/professor and say thank you for their time
  8. Pass out hot chocolate
  9. Leave a kind note for your mailman
  10. Give up your seat on public transportation
  11. Volunteer to walk your neighbor’s dog
  12. Donate toys to those in need
  13. Help a neighbor put up/take down holiday lights
  14. Compliment a server to their manager
  15. Bake holiday cookies for friends/neighbors
  16. Help someone put up/take down a Christmas tree
  17. Sing holiday songs to neighbors
  18. Offer to babysit your neighbor’s children so they can go holiday shopping
  19. Help clean an elderly neighbor’s gutters
  20. Stuff warm socks with treats and pass them out to the homeless
  21. Help a hospital or nursing home decorate for the holidays
  22. Pay it forward by giving money to a Christmas tree farm to help pay for a needy family
  23. Send holiday cards to soldiers overseas
  24. Buy phone cards for soldiers so they can call their families
  25. Cover pinecones with peanut butter and bird seeds for your backyard wildlife
  26. Buy groceries for a friend or neighbor returning from a trip
  27. Frame an inspiring quote and give it to a friend
  28. Pay for someone’s dessert at a restaurant
  29. Share your umbrella with someone
  30. Help a single parent out in the airport security line
  31. Trade your seat on the airplane so a family can sit together

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