By Maddie Wiley, Contributor

#faithserves october

Make the commitment this month to do some service amidst the busy school schedules, Halloween costume making and leaf raking! Find opportunities to do more service during your daily routines and inspire others to do the same.

#FaithServes is a social media event to inspire people to serve their friends, families and communities. Pick service ideas from the following list to complete throughout the month of October and as you serve, take pictures and post your stories to social media using #FaithServes. And if you see service happening, to you or to others, post about those using #FaithServes. We will be “reposting” participant pictures throughout the month and will share service stories at the end of the event. You can also follow @MyFaithCounts on Twitter for daily service reminders!

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” –Ghandi

Service Ideas

  1. Rake the leaves in your neighbor’s yard
  2. Donate warm clothes to a shelter
  3. Bake Halloween cookies for a neighbor
  4. Send a treat to teachers
  5. Visit a nursing home
  6. Make Halloween crafts for friends
  7. Volunteer to tutor children at a library
  8. Help an elderly person cross the street
  9. Leave a kind note on a coworkers desk
  10. Compliment a stranger
  11. Tip a street performer
  12. Bring up a neighbor’s trash can
  13. Make an extra lunch to giveaway
  14. Carve a pumpkin for a neighbor
  15. Donate old Halloween costumes to children in need
  16. Volunteer to decorate pumpkins with the elderly
  17. Volunteer to decorate placemats for homeless shelters
  18. Make fleece tie blankets for shelters
  19. Organize a neighborhood garage sale for your favorite cause
  20. Collect old DVD’s and video games to donate to a local children’s hospital
  21. Collect used sporting equipment to donate to your local children’s club
  22. Collect unused cosmetics for a women’s shelter
  23. Support Breast Cancer Awareness month by wearing pink and donating to the cause
  24. Make a bird bath or animal feeder for your backyard
  25. Volunteer to wash your neighbor’s dog
  26. Go for a walk with an elderly neighbor
  27. Volunteer to pass out water at a local charity race
  28. Bring dog treats and toys to an animal shelter
  29. Volunteer to help a neighbor collect their mail
  30. Call an old friend to catch up
  31. Leave flowers for your neighbor

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