#FaithServes is a social media event to inspire people to serve their friends, families and communities.

#FaithServes will run from September through December, and each month will bring a new batch of service ideas. On the 1st of each month thirty-one ideas will be posted, specific to that particular month and holidays. You can also follow @MyFaithCounts on Twitter for daily service reminders!

The ideas will range from short service ideas to larger service activities. The hope is that everyone will pick a few ideas, large or small, to do throughout the month. As you serve, take pictures and post your stories to social media using #FaithServes. This will inspire others to make a difference. And if you see service happening, be sure to capture that, too!

Together we can show how #FaithServes and inspire others to make a difference.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” -Ghandi

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