Modern abolitionist and former U.S. special agent Tim Ballard now personally rescues hundreds children from the sex and slave trade around the world through a private foundation, Operation Underground Railroad. Watch how his story of faith unfolded in the face of great fear.

To learn more about Tim and his efforts, see the O.U.R. website or find out how you can watch his upcoming documentary, The Abolitionists.

Fear is darkness.
It is the opposite of what God wants you to do. In fact—it is the tool of what the enemies of God use to debilitate you, to stop you in your tracks, to kick you off course so you cannot accomplish the things that you are here on earth to accomplish.
My worst fear on earth is losing one of my own children. I deal every day with lost children. I see how easily they get snatched my evil people and it is the most miserable thing on earth.
Faith is action– it’s an action word. If you take the action away it is pretty much useless it seems to me.
I was a special agent for the U.S government, I was an undercover operator. I’d go in and try to find where kids were being trafficked in the U.S and outside. I started recognizing that there were gaps that private organizations could or should be filling. I started thinking, “I could do more, I could actually rescue more kids working with the government in a private capacity” and then the thought entered, but I dismissed it immediately, “maybe you should go do that.”
For me it was so scary I had six kids, a stable job and I’m thinking, “I feel that the lord is telling me to go do this thing, how am I going to get around this?”
“I’m not going to do that, that would require me leaving all the things that I think bring me security and peace. I wouldn’t know the answer to that until I quit the job and starting running at the problem. What happened was, the miracle of faith.
The lord just saw, “okay he is running, look at it, yes he is doing something.”
Resources came in to help finance our operations and our missions, these things happen. But they didn’t happen until I employed the faith.
I’ve walked in to those dens where they kidnapped people—children, and forced them into slave labor or forced them into things much worse than that.
My fear of those situations happens well before I get there. If I am already there I rarely, rarely feel fear when I’m there. Because I have already taken the action and the lord is with me and my team. We all talk about it, we feel that.
The greatest fruit of our missions is to see a child go from victim, to survivor, to conqueror of their situation.
It’s not an easy process. We have been able to go back and see them and contrast what it was like when they were in captivity verses now when they have hope, and that hope becomes faith. It’s something that is tangible. You see it, it’s physical.
Once we feel inside—and I think all of us feel it, once we feel our calling, faith is the thing you’re now going to use to realize that goal. It’s the action, it’s the belief that you are going to get to that place you fell you are supposed to go. It’s like moving there. That’s the faith.