“How far along are you? Oh you’re not pregnant?”

“I gotta show you this rash I have, it’s revolting.”

“Why are you so angry? Is it that time of month?”

Too much information! Things you might not want to say to someone, unless of course you’re purposely trying to offend, gross out, or come across as a jerk. As taboo as they may seem, the following subjects may be viewed with strikingly similar distaste.

“Yes, I believe in God.”

“This book I just finished really strengthened my faith.”

“Would you like me to pray for you?”

When’s the last time anyone you know spoke openly about their faith? How can faith, of all things, be so censored?

The definition of censorship describes the suppression of material that is “obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security.” It’s easy to see how immorality, violence, drug use, and profanity fall under the scope of appropriate censorship, but do those attributes describe faith to you?

For whatever reason, in many ways, faith has become a “five-letter” word. You can pretty much talk about ANYTHING, unless, of course, it’s about faith.

Just as society shouldn’t censor faith, neither should we censor our own faith. We shouldn’t let fears of ridicule, embarrassment, or being misunderstood hinder our worthy attempts at expressing belief. Hiding your faith is not faith at all. Have faith in your faith!


True faith is not blind, it sees more with less. Have an open heart and listening ears to other’s expressions of faith and you may find that your own will miraculously strengthen and expand. Faith by nature is vulnerable. It claims to believe in something that can’t be fully explained. Expressing faith is not meant to be an end, but a journey, often more fulfilling than the things we know for a fact.

Don’t censor any faith, yours or theirs. Let’s create a culture where discussion of faith is not only welcomed, but empowering to those who participate.

Have faith in your faith.

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