Have you ever experienced unnecessary censorship?

What the faith? If someone were to repeatedly blurt out expletives in a public place, work office, or school classroom there would most likely be an immediate reaction from the people around of disbelief and discontent. But of course, society has trained us to refrain from using inappropriate or offensive words and in that sense, censor ourselves.

Unfortunately, we often do the same thing to ourselves when it comes to sharing our faith. All too often, we hide our true feelings or hold back on telling a friend or coworker a personal experience of faith we recently had that could potentially help them in a trial they are facing. Why? Often, it’s a fear that they would react the same way they would if we had verbalized a string of profanity. We censor our own faith for fear of looking like a fool, being misunderstood, or because we might offend.

Isn’t being afraid to share, express, or practice your faith the exact opposite of faith? Have faith in your faith! You can be an example of faith without being self-righteous or bigoted, and when you see another person expressing their faith, respect it. Don’t censor your faith or anyone else’s.

Have faith in your faith.

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  • Christian Hawes

    I think the reason people are hesitant to share their faith is because they know it sounds far fetched to other people. Maybe people think that because it is far fetched?

  • Mattie Bergeson Lybbert

    It’s always surprising to me how many people do believe what I believe. Was hesitant to tell my boss that one reason I am leaving my job is because I will be a first time mom soon and I want to make sure my children are a priority so they turn out decent in this crazy world. He explained the reason I keep hassling you to stay is because I like working with people who are excited about life and have values. He told me he ‘completely supports the model where the woman is in the home teaching her children how to love the lord.’ This thought from this top executive took me by surprise. Even if it hadn’t ended well it made me realize I am who I am and shouldn’t be afraid to share what makes me happiest!

    • Levi Rasmussen

      That’s so cool Mattie! Although it initially can be a little scary, I’ve never regretted expressing my faith.

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