Last week we asked you to complete the sentence, “My mom has strengthened my faith by…” We loved reading through all of your responses. Don’t forget to wish your mom “Happy Mother’s Day” and thank her for helping you become the person you are today.


Jill – My mom always asks us, “Have you prayed about it?” when we share something we’re struggling to understand or overcome. The tone here is critical, hers is always one of love and wanting us to find answers as well as building confidence in us. Such a humble and good woman.

Katie M. – ALWAYS reminding me who I am and what I have the wonderful potential to become. She’s always there for me.

Rae Jean S. – She’s strengthened my faith cause she’s ALWAYS been strong with her faith and has never wavered in front of me and my brothers and sisters. She’s been such a great example for us to follow! Even when my father died in 2010, she’s stayed strong. In fact, she’s been so much more determined to do what is right. She’s amazing and I love her!

Kay Lee E. – Staying true to the church and always teaching us about the gospel and the things that are right. :)

My mom has strengthened my faith by teaching me how to pray

Katie H. – Teaching me how to pray!

Vichhaka – Enduring child abuse, surviving genocide, and loving her children unconditionally.

Anissa T. – My mom has strengthened me by telling me to give whatever I am going through to God. My mom has been my rock because I am doing chemotherapy because I had stage four colon cancer, but they got it all so to keep it from coming back I am doing six months of treatment, two treatments a month. My mom has been there for every treatment and telling me I can do it because I am a fighter. This is how my mom strengthens me with the help of the Lord.

Kira H. – Taking me to church since birth!

Juanita T. – By EXAMPLE, by showing her faith and love in God!

Zaneta F. – My mom is a fighter and she’s strong. She taught us to be respectful, strong, to have dignity and integrity. Also to understand that WE ARE JUST AS GOOD AS OTHERS.

Briley S. – Everything and trusting in the Lord.

Kimberly L. – Taking me to church every Sunday.

My mom has strengthened my faith by always being there for me and raising me to be close to God

B-Smoove BC – Always being there for me and raising me to be close to God.

Moody Blues Alaska – Never leaving me and not [being] upset with me.

Cara V. Always reminding me two wrongs do not make a right. She also repeatedly said, “you don’t answer for what the other person does, just what you do.”

Carol R. Living her life for the Lord. Trusting him in all things. Everything she taught us was prefaced with, “the Bible says.” She was amazing!

Trish S. – Being with me for about 6 months during my illness!! She is sooooooo AMAZING!!! GOD has Blessed her with determination!! SHE GIVES ME GREAT REASONS TO BE FAITHFUL!! SHE IS A STRONG WOMAN STILL @ ALMOST 70!!! I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!

Amy H. – Mum took all 8 of her rebellious kids to church and encouraged and stood by an inactive husband for 11 years, with no support. She never gave up.

Rodney B. – Living her Faith!!

My mom has strengthened my faith by living her faith each and every day

Sue K. – Living her faith each and every day.

Cindy L. – My mom & I went to church & Sunday school when I was in grade school. My mother also helped with vacation bible school every summer. She was a very loving, giving, & helpful person.

Monique H. – Being the strongest woman I know to survive 3 deaths of the closest people to her heart and still keeping the rest of us together….love u soooo much.

Jacqueline R. – Teaching me that JESUS LOVES ME NO MATTER WHAT!

Rocio C. – Introducing me to my hope, my Love, my Savior Jesus Christ.

Avril G. – She always said I must trust God first. To be truthful, honest, kind and be respectful of others. Love each other.

Tomika A. – Teaching me the word of God at home and taking me to church!

My mom has strengthened my faith by being a strong woman no matter what life throws at her

Trina W. – Being a strong woman no matter what life throws at her she made it!

Tim M. – Her example.

Gloria S. – By watching her life in good times and bad and how she always told me just pray and put your faith in the Lord, he will see you through!

Alisha M. – She raised all 7 of her children in church and always said, “when all else fails, pray.”

Carol A. – Living her faith.

Gloria M. – Being strong amidst many surgeries, broken bones, men that didn’t treat her well, fighting to stay alive, knowing that GOD still has a purpose for her life! She is an inspiration to me and I Love her with All my Heart.

My mom has strengthened my faith by teaching me to treat all people the way you want to be treated

Diann E. – Teaching me to treat all people the way you want to be treated because you don’t know who are God’s Angels.

Wanda S. – Going to church every single week, through even the hardest times. Oh, and daily living what she believes…..

Polly E. – Teaching us from the start about Jesus Christ and praying with us kids. She taught us never to blame God when things aren’t going good or when tragedy strikes. She taught us to pray and trust he who loves us.

Melinda B. – Living her faith.

Travis M. – Teaching me the word of God and raising me up to believe in Christ, the burial and resurrection of his son.

Patricia B. – My mother was a Christian and loved her family the way Jesus loved. She took us to church and encouraged us to live for Jesus. Love you mom for teaching me God’s ways.

Tamala J. – Always being a good mother, keeping a roof over my head, giving me lights to see, and keeping me from [being] around jealous[y], envy, and evil people.

My mom has strengthened my faith by raising us up to have morals

Donna G. – Bringing us up to have morals, to have respect, not only for ourselves, but for others. By having these things instilled in us while growing up, our faith was strengthened accordingly. I cannot count the blessings I have had during my lifetime. I am truly grateful.

Joe T. – Being! If you knew my momma, you would say “enough said!”

Kayla J. – Teaching me to pray to our kind loving Father in Heaven.

Robert R. – In every way – even after death!!! I remember all she taught me!!

Deborah J. – By being strong.

Judith W. – She always called on the Lord.

Patsie B. – She taught me patience, and to be strong in faith; that you may not see it NOW, but God is working it out. So true!

My mom has strengthened my faith by following her faith with conviction and grace

Kathy O. – Following her faith with conviction and grace!!

Ann R. – Living [her faith] and encouraging it for me.

Dorothy A. – Teaching and loving me.

Jessica H. – By showing me her [faith].

Leanna D. – Acting out a strong relationship with the Lord daily ????

Tanya P. – Reminding me to count my blessings in the midst of struggles and showing me how to find peace in the midst.


How has YOUR mom helped strengthen your faith? Tell us in the comments!

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