Is your faith well worn?

Those holes-in-the-soles Chucks you kicked around Spain in during your semester abroad and patched with Shoe Goo.

The cozy cashmere cardigan you’ve clung to for years, elbows threadbare.

The hand-me-down Pink Floyd tee you wore the summer night you first kissed Becky Leibovitz in the In-N-Out Burger parking lot.

Fashion’s pages turn, but in our book, there’s something undeniably great about that familiar friend in the closet. That dress may be temporarily démodé and that denim may have one leg in dad-jean territory. Your threads may be slightly stretched or totally tattered. But where there’s wear, there’s a story that’s been sewn.

We wear our faith like blue jeans. Clean and pristine in the beginning, it creases and increases in character overtime. Fades form at stress points. Holes may need mending from bending at the knees. But the result is uniquely you and infinitely more interesting than 501s fresh from the factory. And comfy as clouds.

Put on your faith if you haven’t worn it in a while. Embrace the breaking-in and the history that makes it a part of you you’ll never want to part with, whatever the trends. Enjoy its familiar fit. It gets better with wear.