By Sarah Shepherd and Katrina Lynn Corbridge Hawkins, Contributors

Faith: the one thing that tastes better than pumpkin spice

Pumpkin spice is back for the season, bringing all the warmth and comfort of a wool sweater. But enjoying all the pumpkin spice concoctions is about more than feeling that fleeting warm fuzziness. It’s like having faith during tough times.

Fall represents change. And many people see change as a bad thing. It could mean growing up, being more responsible, and having less fun. It could mean larger gas bills to pay, more school papers to write, or countless lunches to pack.

But with these changes come the pumpkin spice. However, as you savor pumpkin spice coconut milk, M&Ms, ice cream, yogurt, hot chocolate or lattes, and everything in between, do you think about all the changes you don’t want to face? Nope. You just enjoy the pumpkin goodness.

It warms you from your heart to the tips of your fingers.

So what is it about this flavor that gets everyone all excited?

Perhaps it’s how it makes us feel during this season of change. Perhaps it’s all the good things about fall mixed in a single flavor: the colorful leaves, the mittens and scarfs, the hay rides . . .

Pumpkin spice teaches us that we can still soak in the moments of contentment while everything changes around us.

And that’s the same thing that faith teaches. There is a difference though. Faith gives us more than a moment of reassuring contentment. Faith can help you even more than pumpkin spice can, because faith is served all year round. And, even better, with faith there is no sinking feeling as you finish that last sip or swallow that last bite. Faith’s supply is endless—if you allow it to be.

So, this season savor the pumpkin spice. Even experiment with more ways of enjoying it. But spend more time savoring and experimenting with faith, and just how warm it can make you feel—all the time.