By Jenny Campbell, contributor

A new 7-part series titled ‘Belief‘ premiered Sunday on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN channel. The series opens with a universal human experience—birth. “Where we go from there,” Oprah narrates, “is our own life-long personal creation.” This reflects the overarching narrative of the series. Yes, people must find their own path to the answers of “Why are we here, what does this all mean?” But it is the journey itself that binds us all as humankind.

Trailer for the OWN series, ‘Belief.’

‘Belief’ tells its story though a series of vignettes that follow moments of spiritual poignancy in the lives of everyday men, women and children. Moving narrative, stunning visuals and a cinematic score enhance the intimate view into the lives of these ordinary people on a journey of faith. Among them is the dying grandfather taking his grandson on the traditional song walk of his people, the young Indian-American woman who bathes in the River Ganges with 70 million believers, and the thoughtful boy in Hungary on the eve of his Bar Mitzvah. The series crosses continents, runs the gamut from new age religions to the oldest belief system on Earth, and treats all faith systems as valid and authentic. Each story highlights the core beliefs of the specific religious tradition while keeping the focus on the way these beliefs uplift those who use them to connect to their own version of the divine.

While acknowledging that belief can sometimes divide, the series focuses on the unifying, healing and transcendent power of belief. Those of all faith and belief traditions should find something of value in this series, whether it’s tapping into that shared power of belief, learning about how others believe, or simply enjoying the beautiful cinematography. It’s a fascinating series, one that can possibly take you on a spiritual journey of your own.