We live in a time when technology is dominant. Every day our news feeds are filled with messages about the latest and greatest technological developments from a number of different brands. We wait in line to get our hands on cutting-edge gadgets that will make life easier, but do we really need all the ram, terabytes, and latest operating systems to find solutions to our everyday problems? The obvious answer is no.

Progress is important, and we believe in it. But it is important to remember that progress is much more about us, the individual, than it is about the tools we use. Here are a few ways we can put down the latest tech and learn how increasing our faith is the best upgrade we can make for ourselves.

Learn: We need to be active learners in life. Take time to observe the world around us, learn about our own beliefs and the beliefs of others, and decide how we can make a difference. This is how we download our latest updates and appreciate the world around us. It can be a great way to avoid becoming an outdated piece of hardware.

Understand: Beyond learning is understanding. Learning gives us what we need to know and understanding shows us why it’s important. It’s like downloading the latest drivers for your computer. Without taking the time to figure out how it all fits into the bigger picture, you’re just getting a bunch of random, albeit sometimes interesting, information. Take time to really understand life’s meaning and you’ll find ways to start living a more focused and meaningful life.

Meditate: Meditation is the way we install our learning and understanding. Take time to think about all the things you’ve discovered. Think about ways you can apply the new knowledge to your every day. With meditation, we can create a plan to put our beliefs and goals into action.

Share: A fourth way to update yourself is to share what you experience. Share your beliefs, insights, aspirations and hopes. The people around you will be affected and may want to take the same steps you have to live a more meaningful life. Just like the best updates in tech, these updates are worth sharing and getting excited about.

Just like how downloading the latest operating system keeps a phone or computer running smoothly, let’s make sure we stay up-to-date with our faith so we can get the most use out of it. These are just a few ways to make sure technology doesn’t distract us from improving ourselves, drawing more strength from our faith, and sharing it with others.

New tech, same faith. Finding solutions in life can be as simple as upgrading your faith