Read the Signs

How will you respond to signs of need?

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  • Scott

    This video brought me to tears tonight. I give all the time to people at stoplights while in my car but not every time. I sometimes look the other way when I don’t have cash on me and it makes me feel bad. My heart breaks tonight thinking about people who don’t have and are out on the street corners with a sign that says just lost my job or homeless please help. It also breaks my heart that many people pass them by that do have to give but they judge them and shrug them off. That’s the sad part. I always ask myself what if it were me? What would I do? Would I have the courage to go out and ask for help and if I did how would it make me feel? I think I know the answer to the last question…. It would be very humbling and it would hurt me to have to do that. I pray that God helps me to be better able to really help and make a difference. It’s hard out there and it doesn’t matter what got the person there, we should have compassion and do all we can, not just do enough to say that we did something! It’s starting to get cold outside as I lay here in my warm bed I wonder….. how the homeless are, are they in a safe, warm place? Are they hungry? The holidays are coming ya know…..Lord how can I help? How can we all help?……. Think about it.

    • Albert Candari

      I’ve chatted with real homeless people and they have the most interesting story. Many of them have a good heart but fell into bad circumstances.

    • Margareta Gannon

      Yes, the holidays are coming but that’s often when the homeless get the most help. Please help every day. I’m a 70-yr.-old woman who doesn’t have much myself but I push a small shopping cart around collecting food and water from my neighbors for a homeless veterans’ camp in our neighborhood. They are some of the nicest people you can imagine, who are living in holey tents, with no water or electricity and often no food. But they are so very grateful for every little thing. I pray that God will help me be able to help them more.