Are You Passionate?

Passion, purpose, and faith: connect the dots to reveal the big picture.

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  • Cory

    I have found what God ahs called me to do for the rest of my life and that is to write, be an author. I had always wanted to be an author but for some reason I did not know how to start, but one day I was having a bad day and I had felt that everyone was just getting on me for being who I am (I can be a weird individual a lot hahaha) and it was annoying me to no end.
    So I drew out a flip cartoon type thing on a piece of paper a story about a girl who had been bullied so much which ended up killing her. So she haunts the bullies who had killed her to try to change them. I thought about that, told a friend about it and he said that I have something there and should write a book about it. The more I thought about that idea that she gets killed and haunts them, it turned out to be a dumb idea to me so I changed it. I thought about it more and came to the conclusion that she still does get pushed into the creek which swept her away, she hits her head on a decorative bridge which made her pass out. The bullies think that they have killed her but something in their hearts changed when they realized that they were responsible for pushing her, they try to help but have failed. They think that she has died. MORAL OF THE STORY; The bullies think they just killed their victim totally by accident, they think that they should not say anything. God lets the main character go down in spirit to lead them to the right choice, which is to say something. Here is the moral. It is better to take responsibility for your actions weather or not it is a misdemeanor, suffer the consequence. If you do not say anything, you could be in bigger trouble rather than telling someone, still being in trouble but not as bad