Earlier this month we asked you to complete the sentence, “I’m grateful for my faith because…” We loved reading through all of your responses! Here are 50 of the more than 240 responses to the question. As you reflect on the many things you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving, consider these reasons to be thankful for faith:

Without my faith life would have no meaning. -Cheryl N.

My faith will carry me through the hardest times. -Mike P.

It brings me closer to God and gives me strength. -Candice I.

Without my faith I couldn’t make it day to day and couldn’t make it through the tough times. -Joyce D.

Because Faith is all I have. -Ti’Alice Y.

Im grateful results-01 Debra

Faith gives me strength to keep going – Debra L.

Jesus has brought me through all of my trials. -Michael D.

Life would be hopeless. -Carol C.

I can always hold on to it. -Gail C.

It gets me through problems. -Andrea B

Im grateful results-02

It brings me peace in good times AND bad. -Deonna T.

It’s what gets me by. -Julia S.

It gives me strength and helps me thru each day,we walk by faith not by sight! -Shirley G.

I have good people in my life. -Carla F.

It carries me thru the troubling times in life. -Dolores K.

Im grateful results-04

It showed me a way when it looked like there was no way. -Ricarda B.

It helps me get through the rough patches. -Melissa B.

It’s my life source. -Alexis W.

It never fails me! -Tomika A.

It fills me up with hope and understanding! -Amber R.

Im grateful results-03

It gives me stability. -Patricia S.

It is everything. -Sheri M.

God is awesome. -CJ G.

I would be lost without it. – Melissa C.

I’m truly blessed. -Christina B.

Im grateful results-07

It gives me peace in my heart- LJ T.

His wonderful blessings. -Jennifer L.

It is my refuge and my salvation. -Teresa S.

Without it I would be nothing. -Turk R.

It is what carries me. -Jacqueline W.

Im grateful results-09

It makes me a better person and life richer. -Austin J.

Without faith we wouldn’t find ourselves. -Maria A.

I’m alive. -Osi S.

I couldn’t face some of the things in my life if I didn’t have faith in God. -Joyce P.

It is my only way to get through my day … by faith and faith alone. -Pauline M.

Im grateful results-08

It gives me comfort. -Dorothy W.

God listens and heals. -Prem P.

It keeps me going! -Jenny D.

Through faith all things are possible. -Jane Y.

It’s always there for me!! -Pam D.

Im grateful results-10

It allows me to keep on going when I feel like throwing in the towel! -Tay S.

It helps me get stronger, more positive. -Gabriel G.

I would not be the way I am. -Misty B.

Because it is love not hate. -Chester M.

Without it, I would be a total mess. -Yashica H.

Im grateful results-05 Ruth

It sustains me.-Ruth M.

It’s everything! -Emily R.

I am so Blessed. -Diann E

My life & family. -Demitrice G.

Gives me hope. -Karla G.

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