By Maddie Wiley, Contributor

The holidays are a perfect time for staying in and watching a classic holiday movie. We can learn a lot about faith, family and love from our favorite holiday movies. Here are a few of our favorite life lessons:

lessons from holiday movies

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Cindy Lou Who and the Grinch teach us that Christmas is not all about the gifts—we need to forget about the presents and learn how to enjoy the holiday season with our families and friends. Cindy Lou Who also teaches us an important lesson on including others and not being quick to judge!


Aside from Buddy the Elf teaching us how to get into the holiday spirit, Elf is about finding and accepting who you really are. We shouldn’t hide our passion and excitement for the things we love—we should embrace them.

The Santa Clause

What would you do if you were suddenly left with the task of being the new Father Christmas? The Santa Clause teaches us to embrace the trials life throws at us and how to get through them in a jolly manner.

Home Alone

We can learn from Home Alone that holidays really aren’t the holidays if you’re alone. Hold onto your families and friends tight and make sure you invite the older neighbors over too. You never know who needs your kindness this holiday season.

The Polar Express

From the perspective of a young boy, we learn that if you can keep the faith then the wonders of the world will never fade. We are taught to have an open heart and to be brave when faced with uncertainty and the reward will be great!

Miracle on 34th Street

Unhappiness and doubts turn into joyful smiles and a lot of faith in this classic movie! Even when the world is telling us something isn’t true, you just got to have some faith and then something magical can happen.

A Christmas Carol

Learn from Scrooge this season and embrace the magic of the holidays. We learn that we all can have a huge impact on people and if we take some time to be kind we can change lives!

The Holiday

The Holiday teaches us that love is always out there—but sometimes you have to go looking forward. Sometimes an unexpected twist can bring you the happiness you are looking for… you just have to have faith!

A Christmas Story

This classic comedy teaches us the importance of listening to your parents because you really might shoot your eye out one day! Have faith and listen to the words of advice from those around you.

It’s a Wonderful Life

What would the world be like without you in it? It’s a Wonderful Life truly teaches us how important we are to each other and how much one person or even an entire community can be richly rewarded through sacrifice and love.

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